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Deck Staining & Waterproofing in Franklin

Decks can bring a lot of utility and value to a property, but to make sure that you continue to get the most possible use out of them, they need to be given consistent and regular treatments. This will help to protect them from the elements, and in doing so, ensure that they remain strong, stable, and functional. Of course, it’ll also mean that your deck continues to have the look and aesthetic that you wanted it to have in the first place. At Franklin Deck Services, we’re adept at the installation and repair of decks, but we’re also happy to help with staining and waterproofing them too. These deck services will be one of the best tools in your arsenal when it comes to looking after your installation. Speak to our customer service representatives if you’d like further details on this service, or alternatively, read on below.

The Threat of Water
Water is a crucial commodity for life and society, but it can act as a hazard in all sorts of situations – and the effect that it has on decking can be detrimental. The worry with wooden structures, like decking, is always that they’ll fall prey to rot and decay if they’re left exposed. If water can find its way past the outer layer of your deck (because it hasn’t been treated, which gives it protection) then eventually the wood will fall apart. This is why waterproofing needs to be taken so seriously.

Preventing Sun Damage
It goes without saying that your deck is going to get a lot of sun across the year – after all, it’s outside! But that doesn’t mean it can’t get damaged from the effects of the sun. UV rays will warp and crack the wood if it’s left unprotected, and this can completely devastate the entire installation if you’re not careful. Sunlight also has a fading effect on your wood deck, which means that you’ll lose the color and finish that you no doubt wanted indefinitely.

Extending Lifespans
By waterproofing and staining your deck, you stand a far better chance of overcoming these threats and ensuring that your deck remains functional and structurally sound in the long run. It can be quite expensive to install a deck on your property, so it makes sense that you’d want to make the initial investment last for as long as possible. Decks that are regularly stained and waterproofed by a professional service, on average, last far, far longer than untreated decks. We’ll make sure that the entirety of the structure is covered by the necessary treatments.

Improving Appearances
Staining your deck can also be an excellent way to give your installation a better appearance. Whether you’re just using the existing color again or you’re going for something new, you’re sure to be pleased with the visual quality of your decking when we’re done. We know the best way to apply the stains so that it takes well, and gives you the most attractive finish at the end of the process.

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